In business for more than 40 years, Advanced Hearing Center offers hearing screenings and the fitting, sale, and service of hearing aid devices. Located near beautiful Crystal Lake and Frankfurt MI, this business is the only service center for many miles.

Most Medicare plans now cover hearing aids. This established center is a provider for UAW, MPSERS, and Retired State employees. Up to 80% of the local hearing population have purchased hearing aids from Advanced Hearing Center.

This community is home to many long-term and retired residents in addition to summer visitors. On average about 8800 vehicles per day travel this main thoroughfare. Nearby businesses include restaurants, street retail, a car dealership, grocery, and offices; the downtown area is just a few blocks away.

-Established and profitable -Buyer will need to have or work under someone with a Hearing Aid Dealer license issued by the State of Michigan. -Ideally the buyer would be board certified with the International Hearing Society or is an audiologist with at minimum a Bachelor's Degree. -According to MarkeTrak10, studies indicate that about 1 in 10 individuals have a hearing loss that interferes with their communication (Credit: Powers & Rogin, The Hearing Review, Vol 26 No 8 August 2019.) -A surveys show that 56% of current non-owners of hearing aids would probably or definitely purchase from a hearing care professional rather than buy online. (Credit: Powers & Rogin, The Hearing Review, Vol 26 No 8 August 2019.) Customer experience is key to success -Hearing aid sales increased 3.8% in first half of 2019 according to the Hearing Industries Association, of Washington DC.