A business broker can be a indespensable resource when you are looking to sell your business. Experience, connections, and education give us the upperhand when it's time to leave leave your business and move into a new phase of your life.

Business brokers are able to help in several ways.

We are knowledgeable about the market and can provide you with advice on pricing, marketing, and negotiation strategies. Specifically, we can provide you with an accurate valuation of the business, one that would be bankable by a potential buyer and supports the best asking price with evidence and data.

We can also help connect you with potential buyers, whether through the network of professionals we are familiar with or by advertising your business on established web platfroms and sharing information within our professional business associations.

Additionally, we can coordinate paperwork and legal aspects of the sale, such as due diligence and closing, to ensure the transaction is completed properly. Obviously, we work with trusted attorneys and accountants to manage the specific details we are not licensed or qualified to do, but there are a lot of moving parts and someone needs to keep things coordinated and moving forward. All of these factors make selling a business with the help of a bsuiness broker much easier and less stressful for the seller. 

One final note, besides being their life's work and an emotional change for an owner, they rarely have the time to work on the sale of their business and ensure the business keeps operating successfully. Business brokers take the burden and some of the stresses of the sale off the owner's shoulders so they can keep doing what they do best - running a successful and profitable business!